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Party Ideas


When planning your party, choosing the right theme can be a bit of a challenge! Why not check out the costumes available first, and that way you can be sure that your guests have plenty of choices.

have you been invited to a Fancy Dress Party? Check out our costume by theme lists and print them out for some bedtime reading.

5 Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas


Party season is on its way and now’s the time to start thinking of what you’re going to dress up as this Halloween. Whether you choose to go scary or cute, here are five Halloween fancy dress ideas just for you…

Marvel v DC Comics

If you’re a Wolverine fan but your mate prefers Superman, take each other on in the nerdiest fight ever in Marvel v DC costumes. Weave a web as Spiderman, beam like the Green Lantern or make your voice all deep and husky like Batman – either way you’ll have loads of fun competing against each other.

Pop Icons

What’s scarier than the damaged soul of a pop star? Live like The King for the night as Elvis, bare your chest as Freddie Mercury, moonwalk like Michael Jackson or go head to toe in leather as Lady Gaga and you’ll be the most horrifying character at the party!

Big Kid

Even as a grown up, you can’t help but love kid’s stuff. Satisfy your inner child by dressing up as a Minion, Buzz Lightyear, Bugs Bunny or Mike Wazowski.

Horror Movie

For something more traditional, you could dress up as your favourite horror movie character. Celebrate Halloween as the man himself – Mike Myers – or get all creepy as the dude from Nightmare On Elm Street. If you like props, you can carry around a chainsaw all night as Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Something Random

If the above doesn’t thrill you, just throw on something random and freak everyone out as Dipsy from The Teletubbies. Works every time.


5 Festival Fancy Dress Ideas


Festivals are becoming more and more about the overall experience, and fancy dress is a huge part of that. If you’re lucky enough to be heading to one this season, dress up in any of these outfits and you won’t go unnoticed…

‘50s Girl

Get your neck scarf, your Bardot sleeves, poufy skirt and frilly white ankle socks and you’ve got yourself an outfit from the ‘50s. With fashion from this decade never fading away, you’ll stand out and fit right in!


The Australian outback practically begs you to dress up in a vest, boots and tasselled chaps so go ahead and Jackaroo to the party.

Betty Boop

If you want to flirt your way through festival security, girls can dress up as Betty Boop with mini skirt, garter and even black patent heels. Practice your best giggle and you’ll be Betty reincarnated.

Taz From Tasmania

Going to a festival in Tasmania? It would be a seriously wasted opportunity if you didn’t dress up as Taz!  Sing the theme tune all day and night to anyone that will listen to you – then blow raspberries at them and run away.

Easy Option – Mask

If you don’t want to wear a full-on outfit, you can just pop a mask over your head and be done with it. Choose from Kermit The Frog to V For Vendetta and Kenny from South Park and you’ll have the best time ever in your disguise as your party the day away.


CC Halloween between Spring and Summer in Australia


Halloween, also known as All Hallows’ Eve, can be traced back  to a pre-Christian Celtic festival held around Nov. 1 called Samhain (pronounced “sah-win”), which means “summer’s end” in Gaelic, according to the Indo-European Etymological Dictionaries.

In ancient times the Druids of Britain celebrated this holiday, they had a fire festival to try and stop the winter dimming the sun and people danced round bonfires to keep evil spirits away, they left their doors open in the hope that the spirits of loved ones may visit on Halloween night. This all giving an explanation as to why people began dressing up like witches, ghosts and goblins, villagers could avoid being noticed and possessed by spirits and the ritual was aimed at confusing spirits and dark forces.

Halloween also marks the change between spring and summer in Australia, with the hot dry summers it makes sense, in Northern Europe it celebrated the passing of summer, the time of plenty and the shift into the time of less (winter).

Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. It is thought to have originated with the ancient Celtic festival during this day many people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts.

Today it’s a time for children to walk the streets trick a treating, there is excitement and joy , in many countries the adults also join in  and help make this a magical and fabulous tome for every one young and old alike.

Ideal treats, sweets, balloons and fruit.

Tricks, don’t frighten people be clever, remember old people can be frightened when people knock on their door so visit people you know.

Our suggestion have a ghost, ghouls, magicians, warlocks, black widow, Warlock, vampire and voodoo doll.

Amazing fancy dress is available  from our shops to make Halloween night a night to remember.


Melbourne cup 2016 , 6th November


This race is an annual feature in the social event calendar in Australia. It’s run over a distance of 3,200 metres, on the first Tuesday in November at Flemington Racecourse. The Melbourne Cup race is a handicap contest in which the weight of the jockey and riding gear is adjusted with ballast to a nominated figure. Older horses carry more weight than younger ones, and weights are adjusted further according to the horse’s previous results.

At the Melbourne cup, people dress up most women wear their best or most colourful hats and dresses, with an aim to be noticed by everyone. At the race course Marquees are set up for celebrity guests, including local, national and international celebrities who attend this festive event.  Champagne, wine and gourmet finger foods are usually served on this day.

Most offices across the Australia stop work at race time, office parties feature hats and dress competitions, staff lunches at restaurants and afternoon teas where a television is available so workers can watch the main race. Bets are made on this day – even those who usually do not bet try their luck with a small wager or entry into a sweep, which is a lottery in which each ticket holder is matched with a randomly drawn horse.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to have some fun, call us to see how we can help you with your hats and dresses on this great Australian event.


5 Bucks Party Fancy Dress Ideas


Anyone who’s ever tried planning a Bucks party knows how difficult it can be. However, a fool proof way of ensuring there’s a number of embarrassing photos to be used as evidence against the groom is by bringing fancy dress into the mix for whatever you have planned. Here are a few Bucks party fancy dress ideas to make sure the groom is suitably embarrassed, and that everyone can identify your fellow Bucks!


You could make the groom feel extra “special” by dressing him up as Greek God, Perseus. Take inspiration from 2010’s Clash of the Titans, and he’ll be ready to handle whatever antics you have lined up for him.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

If you’re planning on a team effort and want to go as a pack then why not assume the personas of the sewer dwelling, crime fighters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for one night only. Don the eye mask and belt and make Master Splinter proud.

Elvis Presley

If the groom in question is a bit of a primadonna, then take inspiration from the King himself and dress him up as Elvis. This costume will especially come in handy if karaoke is on the cards for your Bucks night.


Whether you’re addicted to Soprano re-runs, or a huge Godfather fan, why not get suited and booted in your gangster finest, complete with tommy gun and pinstriped suit? No one will be messing with these Bucks.

Sumo Wrestler

Sumo Wrestler costumes are just plain hilarious. It’s an old favourite, but there’s nothing more funny than dressing up as a sumo wrestler and bouncing off each other.

Have a look at our adult costumes for more inspiration.


Superhero Costume Ideas


Do you have the vigilante spirit of Hit Girl and Kickass? If so, why not use a costume party as a fantastic excuse to don a superhero costume for the night and live out your hero fantasies? Here are a few ideas on which crime fighting superheroes you can lend a hand to the next time you go to a fancy dress party.


If you’re looking for realism, Batman’s probably the closest you can get. He’s got no special powers as such, just a bucket load of money and connections that can afford a suit, utility belt and awesome cars, and he always knows where the bad guys are.


Come to the party in a suit and tie and halfway through reveal your true identity as Superman. If you can get the dramatic music to play as you throw your fist in the air and pretend to fly around your fellow partygoers, that would be pretty awesome.

The Hulk

One of the most misunderstood characters, if you want to be angry and enormous as a superhero, then go as the Hulk. Fellow actors of the green beast include Mark Ruffalo, Eric Bana and Lou Ferrigno, so you’re in good company.


Ripped, manly and animalistic, Wolverine is the best X Men character for obvious reasons. With claws, senses as strong as an animal and a regenerative power to heal faster than any human, you can have loads of fun being Wolverine for a night.


Even the Hulk can’t lift this God of Thunder’s hammer – so imagine how much fun you can have going to a party with one. Add the red cape and foam muscle chest and you’re ready to go.

To buy costumes online check out our full selection here

Fancy Dress Ideas For A Career Change


Ever wanted to switch jobs with someone? Or quit your job for just one night to do something extraordinary? With these fancy dress ideas, you can throw on a uniform, have fun changing your occupation and become something you’ve always dreamed of.


Airline Pilot

Dressed in a clean-cut suit with gold buttons and a pilot’s hat, you can fly up to 39,000ft in this get-up. Bring some flight attendants with you and you’ll be the coolest one at the airport.



Go one step further than flying a plane and travel outside of Earth’s atmosphere into space as a NASA astronaut. With the full white suit and badges, you’ll be ready for lift off in no time.


Champion Boxer

If you’ve got the muscles to pull this one off, get working on your jabs and uppercuts and become a champion boxer at your next fancy dress party, complete with gloves and robe. Play ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ every time you walk into a room and you’re onto a winner.



Probably more appropriate after the fancy dress party when everyone needs nursing back to good health, a nurse is a staple of any fancy dress party. With your trusty stethoscope, make sure you know mouth to mouth in case anyone’s in need of resuscitation.


Police Officer

You shouldn’t really misuse handcuffs as a police officer, but it would be a shame not to use them at a fancy dress party! With cuffs and a baton, no one’s going to be messing with you.


Hire a uniform today to be someone else tomorrow with our collection of adult costumes.


Villain Fancy Dress Ideas


Every actor says that playing the bad guy is the most fun, so for your next fancy dress party, become one of these infamous villains and act out untold evil.


The Joker

With that forced smile painted across your face and a bright purple suit, you can become one of Batman’s most notorious enemies. Work on your quirky mannerisms, uncomfortable speech and haunting laugh to become The Joker – just don’t go blowing up any hospitals or police cells.



Go completely inhuman and scare everyone at your next fancy dress party as Alien. With a teeth-baring mask and clawed gloves, you can snarl and screech at your fellow guests – even better if you can get someone to walk around with the Alien face hugger mask all night.



What better way to spend a night than cruising around a party shouting “Exterminate! Exterminate!” in a robotic voice? Unleashing havoc, banging into anything and anyone that gets in your way, and setting your sights on The Doctor – the only one getting in your way of world domination.


Cruella De Vil

That hair. That coat. That attitude. The cause of nightmares for many children – and dogs – in the 1990s, Cruella De Vil hasn’t lost her touch. The baddest and meanest brought to life by Disney, you can leave every dog lover quivering in their boots when you rock up at the party.



Maybe he was just misunderstood, influenced by the power of The Ring, but Gollum was a little annoyance in The Lord Of The Rings series. While he’s not the most attractive character to dress up as, it gives you the poetic license to repeat “My precious” over and over again, which is just fun for everyone.


Browse through our full selection of fancy dress costumes here.

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